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Bird Nest Tree House

A “standard” tree house for both private and public customers with different intended uses, quick to be build and assembled.

Tree terrace

A brand new way to live the outside: 4-meter high and surrounded by the branches where emotions are special.

Living light

Fancy an additional room? Just climb the tree! A brand new place where you will spend your time relaxing in complete loneliness.

Modular Housing Unit

Standard, customizable or tailor made building manufactured at the joiner’s workshop and delivered to the customer as finished product.

Original Wellness Treehouse

Our target? Bringing wellness hospitality at a higher and higher level.

Tree houses

A tree house, with different styles, dimensions and to suit different needs, where to play or relax oneself


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Sullalbero realizes tree buildings, from their conception up to their construction. We build tree houses, tree terraces and tree places that are customized on our customer needs and consistent with the highest quality standards. We use techniques and materials used in green housing in order to welcome you, your children or your guests in a very special way. Our team made of architects, engineers and carpenters…will make your dream come true!

Play, relax and live on the tree!

Sullalbero is mainly for private customers and accommodations such as bed & breakfast, farm holidays, nursery schools, and so on… Sullalbero designs and builds nothing else but tree buildings, from the simpler ones to the more complex ones. All buildings are designed, manufactured and installed on the basis of an exclusive project shared with the customer and according to the trees able to host them. We can affirm that sullalbero gives you the possibility to play, relax and live on a tree house!

gioca sull'albero

play on the tree

The solution sullalbero to play with your children and your friends in order to stimulate the coordination and the motor activities with several accessories… (read more)

relax on the tree

The solution sullalbero to relax yourself in complete loneliness, read a book, practice yoga, welcome your friends for a cup of tea surrounded by nature… (read more)

live on the tree

The solution sullalbero to enjoy a real extension of your domestic surface, both residential and welcoming, new spaces to be devoted… (read more)

tree house,

tree terrace,

tree office,

modular house unit,

bird nest tree house,


living light,

play on the tree,

relax on the tree,

live on the tree,

tree house,

tree terrace,

tree office,

modular house unit

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